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BELA stands for "Benchmarking E-Learning Associates", a virtual team of benchmarking experts.

The core team consists of:

Other staff with benchmarking experience are contracted in for special projects.

Phase 1

Compared with the Pilot Phase, in Benchmarking Phase 1, support was slightly reorganised into two teams, the ACU/OBHE Team and a virtual team - BELA - combining Professor Paul Bacsich and Professor Peter Chatterton augmented by two further consultants.

ACU/OBHE supported their own approach and BELA supported Pick&Mix, ELTI and MIT90s.

Support for the methodologies was organised as follows:

Phase 2

In Phase 2 the BELA team was enhanced by the addition of David Kay. Stephen Marshall was brought in as a specialist on eMM and two HEI-based consultants were brought in to provide further support on Pick&Mix.

BELA supported both Pick&Mix and eMM as follows:

Benchmarking Phase of the Gwella Programme (Wales 2008)

Both Professor Paul Bacsich and Professor Peter Chatterton from the BELA team supported the four Benchmarking Phase institutions within Gwella, each leading on two institutions but with joint activity also and a unified reporting structure to the HE Academy.

The methodology that was used was Pick&Mix, called ELDDA in its Welsh-oriented version.

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